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Stefano Turi - Architetto - Skyline


Design : Stefano Turi

This series of lamps is characterized mainly by its strong symbolic: the floor version the jagged building facades of the suburbs, represented by black smog from the screen of bent sheet metal and carved, merge with the industrial spills that pollute the soil, represented by base and stem support.

The opening idea to a set of lamps, in addition to the skyline of an industrial area, shown here, can become one of the favelas, the City, the Victorian mansions or more ....

Design : Stefano Turi

In the wall-mounted version of "Skyline" white facades of a building ideal and therefore devoid of gravity seem to form a whole with the back wall, on which the inner surface of the screen sheet fore a halo of color: this must always have a coloration different from the external (that instead will always white) in order to determine different colors ranging from shades on the wall.