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Stefano Turi - Architetto - About

About me


The space is a subject among the widest there is, and it is so fascinating that physicists, mathematicians, philosophers and architects still debate about nowadays.

”As all the arts, the Architecture is written. The stave, the vocabulary, the color, have the chance to be Music, Poetry, Painting, but those are nothing in themselves. Those need syntax, composition, order, that’s to say ”limits”. That ‘s the same for the space: a space without limit doesn’t have a plastic importance. The point, the line, the square, the rectangle start on a relation between finite and infinite, between white and black, between empty and full space”.

The attentive pursuit of this difficult balance is the characteristic of Stefano Turi’s work, architect born in Bari (Italy), but graduated at the Politecnico di Milano, town where he professionally trained himself, who overall has been active for a long time in the field of interiors and industrial design.
His realizations identify an expressive code which is able to decline an quite personal idea of “contemporaneity”, that avoids schemes, styles and manners for reinterpreting the iconic complexity of our own times. An escapable act of his projects is the individuation of principle for composition in the lay-out of the spaces, carefully designed on every single part with particular attention for the detail, through a fresh language made by citations, techniques, materials and finishes, retrieved from tradition or greatly innovative, always being in search of a subtle balance.